About Me

Hi There!

If you’ve found my website, we may have something in common.

-We both want to lose weight! 🙂

How did this come about I hear you ask?

Well a few months ago I was 234 pounds (106 Kg)  and I looked at my driving licence photo one day and I thought “holy ****” I look like a chipmunk!  Yes folks my cheeks were so chubby it looked like I was storing away a couple of nuts for the winter!


This was me, a few months ago..

So I decided to put my mind to it, and set out to learn everything I possibly could about weight loss.

Over the following months it wasn’t easy, however I managed to get myself down to a reasonable 187 pounds (85 Kg), losing about 2 pounds per week which is the recommended speed of weight loss for most people.

“And we’ve still got a long way to go… until we make it to the border of Mexico…” (as the song goes!), however during this process, I learnt a-lot of what worked, and what didn’t!

Yep it’s not been easy people, so this website is a record, partly for my own benefit, but also in the hope that it can help others like yourself.

So I really appreciate you stopping by, and look forward to helping you with your own weight loss journey!

Please like and share any articles you find helpful, and feel free to comment underneath them if you have any questions.

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