Losing weight isn’t easy (trust me I know!), and a new diet or exercise regime can take it’s toll on the body, leaving us tired and unmotivated.

Diet pills sometimes get a bad rap and there’s certainly more than a few companies out there that are selling over priced products that could only be described as snake oil.

However tablets are convenient and easy to take compared to powdered supplements for example.

The best ones are backed by clinical research, and can give you the edge you need to succeed.

They can help by:

  • Boosting fat burning metabolism
  • Reducing hunger pangs
  • Maintaining energy levels

These factors combined can help you to stay motivated, and achieve the results you deserve.

So with this in mind, I’ve gathered together some of the best solutions out there, including my thoughts below.



Phen24 is a unique weight loss solution with a double-action day and night formula, that works for you 24 hours around the clock.

It allows your metabolism to work faster during the day, but also to burn fat in a more relaxing way at night.

This is important because most of the weight loss elimination process actually occurs whilst we are asleep.  However this can only happen if we not over stimulated and are getting a full restful nights sleep.



More information here on the Phen24 site


So what’s in the pills?

Caffeine, Cayenne Powder, Iodine, Zinc Citrate, Guarana Extract, Phenylalanine, Manganese, Copper Sulphate

Glucomannan, Biotin, Molybdenum, Thiamine (B1), Green Tea Extract, Griffonia Extract, Chromium Picolinate, Choline Bitartrate, Pantothenic Acid (B5), Pyridoxine HCI (B6), Ascorbic Acid (C), Hops Extract



Lets break down the benefits of the ingredients in Phen24:

Cayenne Powder is good for boosting metabolism, reduce bloating, detoxing, lowering cholesterol (blood fat), contains Vitamin A.

Iodine helps the thryoid to work correctly which in turn helps to improve metabolism, and raise energy levels.

Zinc Citrate helps to metabolise fats, proteins and carbohydrates, prevents tiredness, balances hormones including insulin.

Guarana Extract is a stimulant and contains caffeine.

Phenylalanine helps suppress appetite, and produce neurotransmitters to boost mood / alertness.

Manganese assists digestive enzymes, and cognitive function.

Copper Sulphate helps with energy metabolism and collagen formation.



Glucomannan is high in fiber and helps food to traverse the gut. Lowers cholesterol and blood sugars.

Biotin helps support metabolism and thyroid gland.

Molybdenum helps metabolise fat and carbs.

Thiamine (B1) for metabolism and positive mood.

Green Tea Extract for antioxidants. Green tea extract contains a small amount of caffeine.

However it balances this with L-theanine, which is a relaxing amino acid, so its not really an issue.

Griffonia Extract contains 5-HTTP, which helps to create serotonin and therefore relaxing melatonin.

Chromium Picolinate helps to regulate blood sugar.

Choline Bitartrate helps liver function and metabolism.

Pantothenic Acid (B5) reduces stress, stimulates homones, good for brain.

Pyridoxine HCI (B6) metabolise fat, protect nerves, good for skin.

Ascorbic Acid (C), antioxidant, helps neurotransmitters for good mood, heart health.
Hops Extract for sleep and relaxation.


I’ve nothing really bad to say against this weight loss formula apart from the fact that it does seem a little expensive at $75 USD for one months supply.


In my opinion, an excellent product with a comprehensive list of fat burning ingredients. I especially like the idea of the day and night formulation.

If money is not an issue, this is a great solution to help you achieve the new you.


More information here on the Phen 24 site

RATING  OVERALL    5/5 *****




Forskolin is native herb from India.  Used in Ayurveda medicine for thousands of years, it is a member of the mint family.  It has been used to treat heart disease, and respiratory conditions and more recently weight loss.

More recently it’s been stated to be one of the supplements of choice Mathew McConaughey used, to get into such great shape for his movie role in “Magic Mike”.  (Please note this is just hear-say and Mathew is not endorsing the use of Forskolin.)

Forskolin250 weight loss testosterone booster

See details on the Forskolin site here.


Forskolin helps to stimulate production of cAMP (Cyclic adenosine monophosphate) in the body.

CAMP helps with the metabolism of sugar and glycogen in the body which in turn allows  fat to be released from the adipose tissues.

It also helps to stimulate hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain, which can give a feel-good factor and stimulate the metabolism.

For example, a study at Kansas University showed that overweight men lost 7.8 times more body fat, and boosted testosterone by 33% just by taking forskolin twice daily.



One tablet contains Forskolin 250mg from the root of the Coleus Forskolii plant at 20% concentrated extract.

Each container has 60 capsules, recommended dose is 2 tablets per day.


Forskolin is reported to stimulate testosterone by 33% in men and therefore may be a more effective weight loss supplement for males.

Due to the testosterone boost, it may also assist with production of more lean muscle tissue.


Some of the studies I have read seem to suggest that forskolin may be slightly less effective for women.

Some ladies do report weight loss with forskolin, however many say it helped to maintain their weight, rather than lose weight as such.


Forskolin has a long established use in health and alternative medicine, however in terms of weight loss, due to its testosterone boost, it seems to benefit the men more than the ladies.


Click image to see more information on the Forskolin site


One bottle is just $44.99 USD.

Or get two bottles for $89.99 USD and you get an extra bottle free.

All orders come with FREE international shipping.

VALUE FOR MONEY  5/5 *****