How to Burn Fat While Sleeping

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6 Responses

  1. Brandon says:

    I’m a big fan of burning calories while sleeping! Most of the time I do weight resistance training but sometimes I do a bit of HITT (although I mostly stick to the weights). It’s just so good because you actually BURN calories while sitting on your couch and not doing a thing. Highly recommended for sure.

    • Dave says:

      Hey Brandon, thanks for stopping by! Yes agreed, both are great, however I think the high intensity training is especially valuable as it raises your resting metabolic rate, so as you say – burning fat on the couch.. works for me! lol

  2. Ryan says:

    I’ve heard cell phones and tv’s emit blue light. But I never put two and two together, it only makes sense that it would trick your brain to wake up. Your article is very informative, thanks for the good read Dave.

    • Dave says:

      Hey Ryan, yes maybe it’s also one of the ways that we get “technology addiction”?
      Thanks for your feedback!

  3. hong says:

    I would love to sleep and burn calories at the same time. I notice whenever I have a bad night of sleep, I tend to crave for junk and sugary foods. Now everything makes sense. Lots of great tips on your website. Thank you for all the tip.